That's it! The one day of this month of December (almost) everybody is waiting for is there. Santa Claus spent the whole night flying from house to house delivering presents to all the worthy children of the world. I hope you were worthy enough for him to visit your own house (going through the chimney?). If this is not the case, either you were not waiting for him (in which case he usually doesn't bother to come by ... there are already plenty of people waiting for him anyway) or you were too naughty this year and you did not deserve a present! (if the latter applies, try better next year)

At least, in my house everybody was worthy of Santa's presents ! The base of the Christmas tree is hidden behind the pile of presents he left. We'll open them at noon, when my grand-ma will come to eat with us.

Sapin de Noël

At last, a big news (in case you are language-blind): this blog will now contain posts in english! For this first post, it is even bilingual (there is a slightly equivalent post in french), but I really don't know how things will evolve ... time will tell!

I wish you a very merry Christmas! And for those who were not waiting for Santa, nice holidays !