So for once a news in english as this is relevant both for french and for english speakers.

It has been some time now I am saying to people that, even though both English and French are no transparent languages (1), French writing give you more information about how words are pronounced than English writing. Most people wouldn't agree on that, based on always the same 3 French examples of the same writing pronounced two ways.

But now, I found support in "Hugo in 3 months - French", a book for English speaker to learn French. And here is an excerpt of the "Pronunciation" chapter of the book:

"Although French spelling may appear complicated, it stills remains a better guide to how words are actually spoken than English spelling is."

Voilà ! A small victory ! For references, the book is written by Ronald Overy and Jacqueline Lecanuet.

Tchô !

(1) A language is said transparent if there is a unique correspondence between writing and speaking, for example Spanish and Polish are transparent, but not German.